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Motorcycles are one of those modes of communication that can both be used as an essential means of communication as well as a style statement. It is one of those vehicles that can prove to be a lifeline in remote areas and at the same time used as a sports vehicle or even as a racing bike. But whatever may be the use of the bike, motorcycle tires are indeed very crucial a part of any bike. The use of the bike depends heavily on the type of the tire used and vice versa. The grip, width and certain other features determine what the use of a particular tire should be. Depending on that, riders also grow preference over the specific types of motorcycle gear required. Of all the motorcycle gear that is there, motorcycle helmets are undoubtedly the most important ones. And while talking about motorcycle helmets, one must mention Shoei helmets – indeed one of the best money can buy.

Talking of motorcycle tires, we should always take proper care while selecting them. As told before, they are a crucial part of the bike and a wrong selection may prove to be detrimental for the biker. The type of tire to be used depends on the way a biker is planning to use his bike. But more than that, it is the company and the model that determines the use of the bike. A regular bike, for example, will have certain features that meet the requirements of normal road conditions and also of the speed in which it is generally used. The grip, texture and width are characteristic features that are to be kept in mind while zeroing in on the right type of tire to be bought.

The texture of the tire to be used depends on the tread of the tire. It determines the level of grip of the tire. The better the grip on the surface, the better is the tire for speeding. The tread of the tire should be checked in order to avoid accidents. This can be measured with the help of a dime and a stick. The area the dime covers is to be noted since this would give us an indication about the tread of the tire. Ideally at least one third portion should be covered. Otherwise this is a direct indication that the tire should undergo a change. But tread is not the only criterion. The air pressure of the tire should be kept a regular tab on. Proper pressure also depends on the use and each tire has a different measurement. But appropriate pressure will obviously enhance the durability of the tires.

The rubber that the tire is made of is also of paramount importance. The sports bikes, for example, are made of compounds that lend higher toughness than normal ones or even racing bikes. The reason is that sports bikes should ideally be prepared for a greater amount of wear and tear and therefore the durability of such tires is rather a prerequisite. These sports tires have tread patterns that are akin to that of radial and ensure proper contact between the road and the tires. They are also manufactured keeping in mind various climatic conditions that these tires might be exposed to.

Whereas, if one wants to opt for touring tires, then the requirement for that person is a tire that is made of synthetic rubber in addition to a complex mesh which enables the tire to handle loads and still provide comfort to the riders. But for both the types mentioned, one should never forget the relevant motorcycle gear that is required because safety can never be jeopardized at any cost. So helmets are a prerequisite to any biking experience and there are few companies that one can blissfully rely on namely Shoei helmets.

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Motorcycle Tires

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This article was published on 2010/12/21