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If you are interested in UK oval racing, then tire pressures will be a science that you may or may not understand.

For example, at your first oval racing meeting (from a driver's point of view) did you know how much PSI (air) to put in your tires? Without going into loads of detail right now, if you started with something like 20psi all round, or 20psi on the outside and 15psi on the inside, I think both variants in your early days would have made no difference what so ever.

Tire temperature is critical in getting the best from your tires, you really need to take a reading of each tire after a few laps (testing is a great time to do this). It is dependent which way you race around an oval; however, the outside front tire increases by approx 6psi, followed by the outside rear (4psi), inside front (2psi) and finally the inside rear (3psi). These measurements are a guide, as there are many, many parameters that will cause the tire temperature to change more dramatically than the example I have given above.

Another great rule of thumb is the softer the tire pressure (PSI) the more movement from the tire and the greater the temperature and increase in PSI. This is a fine balance as in today's modern tech world with the intervention of cross weights and wedge, tire temperature, PSI or air can adjust the cross weight dramatically.

If you have a tire temperature testing device, then this is a great way of finding out how much pressure you should be running in your tires, again, this is better done in test conditions as trying to do this during a race meeting is a nightmare, what with track conditions and potential damage, that last thing on your mind is tire temperature reading, normally you would just stick to a tried and trusted starting point and progress from there.

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Tire Pressures

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This article was published on 2010/03/29