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Tire recalls on millions of defective tires have taken place over the last few years, from various companies including Firestone and Bridgestone. Flat tires or tire blowouts can not only ruin your day and make you late; they can also cause serious accidents. If you've recently been involved in a tire related accident, you might want to consider contacting vehicle accident lawyers.

Vehicles tires rely on precise engineering to ensure that they can sustain a specified weight and provide needed traction. Tires are made of a combination of steel, fabric, rubber, and some other chemicals used to bond it together. If lower quality materials are implemented in making a tire, or if sub-par workmanship is used during the manufacturing process, the tires can fall below the minimum standards laid forth for them. When this happens, the likelihood of tire related accidents increases. vehicle accident lawyers have been working to earn financial restitution for those who have suffered needlessly because of defective tires.

Defective tires involved in tire recalls are those that contain structural defects that will lead to the tire exploding or failing while you are driving. Yearly statistics concerning defective tires are surprising. 414 people are estimated to have been killed due to tire related accidents, and over ten thousand injured. Of these injuries and deaths, forty nine percent were caused when a tire blowout caused SUVs or minivans to roll.

In order for you to have a case, fault will have to be determined. In short, if the accident wasn't caused by defective tires, you probably won't be able to pursue litigation against the manufacturer. Vehicle accident lawyers will work with other agencies related to the accident to determine just what happened. In the case of tire failure, the tire itself will be studied. A lot can be uncovered just by examination, even if tire recalls were involved, and finding that the tire failure was caused by design flaws or improper manufacturing can give you the grounds for a case, especially if serious injuries were caused due to the crash.

You are likely looking at a mountain of medical bills as a result of your accident, not to mention a long physical and mental recovery. Keep your stress to a minimum by contacting an attorney to alleviate some of the burden. Tire manufacturers will likely put up a fight that you aren't prepared to deal with, but attorneys have years of experience dealing with corporations and getting their clients what they're owed.


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Vehicle Accident Lawyers

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This article was published on 2011/06/08